Raising animals in a condominium

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Raising animals in a condominium

Nowadays, the urban lifestyle changes. Either caused by economic conditions or residence, people are likely starting to move to condominiums that are more convenient. But basically, the people who like to raise animals still want to have pets to be friends such as dogs, cats, birds, mice, rabbits and exotic pets.

But this is not as difficult as worrying because apart from many factors regardless of the location and transportation. Many condos are starting to provide space for animal lovers. Therefore, we come to understand the basics and preparing our pet to find a condo that allows us to live together with pets better.

  1. Raising animals on a condo must comply with the juristic person’s rules of each condo, which is recommended to look at the rules of each location based on cleanliness and does not cause trouble to others in terms of smell, sound, or danger caused by animals. Which some places may be limited in the number of pets or body weight size. It is advisable to study each rule thoroughly before making a decision.
  2. Each condo may allow us to take pets for walks or exercise in using common areas or other facilities in the condo or in certain areas that have a dedicated pet area. But pets may need to be in the owner’s control such as wearing a leash or cleaning as soon as you leave the sewage. In the area of using elevators, there may be restrictions on using service life to reduce problems with other participants.
  3. Preparing for animal health before staying in a condo, most pets will need health certificate and vaccinated especially rabies vaccine before staying in some places. There may be a test for habits that are appropriate for living in society as well. In the event that it is not passed, there may be a suggestion of a place for training our pets in order to prevent health consequences and the coexistence of people and pets.

Therefore, if anyone has a beloved pet and would like to take them with you there, too. No need to worry anymore because there are now many condos open to the desire for us to live together with our pets openly.

Do not forget! Study the rules and regulations of each project in detail and raising the animals in your condo will not be difficult anymore

Thai Article: Walaiporn Kruasuwan D.V.M.
Translated by: Co-founder of THE ONE PLACE
Photo credit: (Facebook) corgi.mhee.keaw